Dallas Facial Feminization Surgery

For transfeminine individuals and those transitioning from male-to-female (MTF), the concept of beauty is more than just a desire to enhance one’s physical features. Facial feminization surgery (FFS) offers a way for these patients to feel authentic and confident in their skin.

Dr. Huay-Zong Law is an experienced plastic surgeon in Dallas who creates custom-designed facial feminization treatment plans to help his transfeminine and MTF patients attain the harmonious, more feminine facial characteristics they desire.


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    Dallas Facial Feminization Surgery

    For transfeminine individuals and those transitioning from male-to-female (MTF), the concept of beauty is more than just a desire to enhance one’s physical features. Facial feminization surgery (FFS) offers a way for these patients to feel authentic and confident in their skin. Dr. Huay-Zong Law is an experienced plastic surgeon in Dallas who creates custom-designed facial feminization treatment plans to help his transfeminine and MTF patients attain the harmonious, more feminine facial characteristics they desire.

    What Is Facial Feminization Surgery in Dallas?

    FFS refers to a group of plastic surgery techniques that can help transfeminine individuals, as well as those transitioning from male-to-female, achieve and embody an appearance that confirms their identities.

    What Can Dallas FFS Accomplish?

    Many times, following facial feminization procedures, patients enjoy an increase in their confidence level, which improves their self-esteem and fosters a positive sense of self.

    With facial feminization surgery, Dr. Law can help his transfeminine patients attain:

    • A smaller, smoother eyebrow ridge.
    • A hairline that appears more oval and begins at a lower point on the forehead.
    • Fuller cheeks.
    • A thinner nose.
    • A smaller, more rounded jawline.
    • Fuller lips.
    • A smaller, rounder chin.
    • A less visible Adam’s Apple.

    Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Huay-Zong Law uses his skill, eye for beauty, artistic vision and experience to create each of his FFS patients a personalized treatment plan. He creates custom-tailored plans to help his patients reach their aesthetic goals.

    Additional benefits of facial feminization surgery include:

    • A more positive outlook for the future.
    • Softer facial contours.
    • A feeling of confidence while interacting with others.

    Which Procedures May Dr. Law Recommend for an FFS Patient?

    As a top plastic surgeon in Dallas, Dr. Huay-Zong Law recognizes that softening the facial features for a transfeminine patient is much more than aesthetic surgery because the results also improve the patient’s outlook on life.

    To achieve the best results possible, before he creates a patient’s FFS treatment plan, Dr. Law evaluates the patient’s facial features. Following this evaluation, he recommends the procedures that he believes will help the patient attain facial features that appear more feminine.

    Potential procedures for facial feminization surgery in Dallas are:

    • Hairline advancement surgery (i.e., a forehead lift).
    • Brow bone contouring (i.e., brow bone reduction).
    • Brow lift (i.e., a forehead lift).
    • Rhinoplasty (i.e., nose-contouring procedure).
    • Cheek augmentation (i.e., cheek implant surgery).
    • Cheek reduction surgery (i.e., buccal fat reduction).
    • Lip augmentation.
    • Subnasal lip lift (i.e., bullhorn lip lift surgery).
    • Jaw contouring surgery or jaw reduction surgery. These procedures can address the masculine features that are visible in the patient’s upper and lower jaws.
    • Genioplasty/Mentoplasty (chin augmentation or reduction surgery).
    • Tracheal shave (i.e., Adam’s Apple reduction or thyroid cartilage reduction).

    Brow Bone Contouring

    With brow bone reduction surgery, Dr. Law reshapes the patient’s orbital bones and forehead. Brown bone contouring helps open-up the eyes and creates the patient a softer, more feminine-looking brow line. In addition, Dr. Law uses his experience and surgical skill to create the patient a brow that is proportional to the other features of the face. To provide his patients with optimal results, Dr. Law frequently combines brow bone contouring with the brow lift procedure.

    Brow Lift

    During a brow lift, Dr. Law rejuvenates and feminizes the patient’s face by lifting droopy eyebrows and reducing forehead wrinkles. When Dr. Law raises the patient’s eyebrows, he creates a more feminine-looking arch.

    Hairline Advancement Surgery

    Patients receiving procedures to feminize their facial features may benefit from a forehead lift. During hair advancement surgery, Dr. Huay-Zong Law gives patients a rounder hairline by reducing the size of their forehead to fill in the upper temple region.

    Cheek Augmentation Surgery

    Cheek structure plays a major role in the femininity of an individual’s face, and since females tend to have a higher concentration of fat in their upper cheeks, many of Dr. Law’s FFS patients benefit from cheek implants. To ensure a natural-looking result, Dr. Law considers his patient’s unique facial features when determining the style and size of cheek implants that will serve the patient best.

    Cheek Reduction Surgery

    Buccal fat reduction involves the removal of excess fat from the cheeks. After cheek reduction surgery, a patient’s face appears slimmer and more youthful.


    A rhinoplasty is one of the most significant cosmetic procedures for feminizing the face. During a rhinoplasty, Dr. Law uses his artistic vision, experience and skill to reshape the patient’s nose, making it appear more delicate. Dr. Law creates this facial feature by contouring the nose to make it appear smaller, thinner or straighter.

    Closed rhinoplasty

    During a closed rhinoplasty, Dr. Huay-Zong Law performs the entire procedure through the patient’s nostrils. To achieve a patient’s desired result, Dr. Law may need to place a nasal implant.

    Open rhinoplasty

    During an open rhinoplasty, Dr. Law creates an incision in the cartilage located between the nostrils. This tiny incision allows him to manipulate the nasal tissues and bone.

    Cheekbone Reduction Surgery

    While performing cheekbone reduction surgery, Dr. Law softens areas of the face that have male characteristics (squared-off cheeks) by removing thin pieces of bone.

    Bone Shaving Procedures

    The most significant differences in the facial structure of males and females are in the forehead, eye and jaw areas. In these areas, males usually have more prominent bones than females do. Nonetheless, Dr. Law can use bone shaving techniques to soften a patient’s facial bone structure.

    Jaw Surgery

    A prominent jawline causes the face to appear angular, which is a facial characteristic that is more common in the male population. Therefore, when a patient has facial feminization surgery in Dallas, Dr. Law may recommend jaw contouring surgery. Since Dr. Law is an experienced plastic surgeon, he knows how to shave the jawbone down without affecting the patient’s natural bite.

    During jawbone surgery, Dr. Law prevents visual scarring by creating the incisions for this procedure inside the patient’s mouth. With jawbone shaving, Dr. Huay-Zong Law dramatically softens the appearance of the face. Therefore, after this procedure, patients can expect to have a more elegant-looking facial profile.

    Lip Augmentation Procedures

    Plump, voluptuous lips are a desirable feminine feature. Dr. Law offers surgical and nonsurgical options to help his patients achieve this highly sought-after facial characteristic.

    Nonsurgical lip augmentation in Dallas

    To provide his patients with fuller lips, Dr. Law strategically injects Restylane® gel into the patient’s lips. An additional benefit of nonsurgical lip augmentation is the rejuvenation of the lips.

    Lip filler treatments are temporary. As such, to maintain their results, patients must return for another treatment every six months. Nonetheless, sometimes the results achieved with Restylane® gel can last longer. The length of time that lip filler results last depends on the speed of the patient’s metabolism.

    Surgical lip augmentation

    Lip augmentation may also be performed with fat. Fat may be taken from a patient’s own body, or from cadaveric donors through MTF. This volume is permanent after the expected initial resorption.

    Subnasal lip lift

    A subnasal lip lift is ideal for those who lack results with lip filler injections. During this facial feminization procedure, Dr. Law creates an incision to reposition or remove some of the skin between the base of the nose and the top of the upper lip. Repositioning or removing a small section of skin and tissue allows him to shorten the distance between the base of the nose and the upper lip. Furthermore, repositioning or removing the skin and then lifting the lip results in a pleasing lip shape. In addition, the pink section of the upper lip becomes more visible.

    Chin Surgery

    Dr. Law can drastically improve a patient’s profile by changing the position, size or shape of the chin.

    A patient may have chin surgery to:

    • Realign the chin.
    • Remove excess bone in the chin.
    • Correct a receded chin.

    When modifying the visual characteristics of the chin, Dr. Huay-Zong Law creates an incision in the natural crease under the chin. This small incision line usually diminishes with time.


    A genioplasty typically involves the placement of implants to alter the appearance of the chin. These implants consist of substances that mimic the natural bone (e.g., silicone).


    Dr. Law may recommend a mentoplasty (i.e., chin reduction surgery) to address a chin that appears uneven or too large. During a mentoplasty, Dr. Law reshapes the chin by removing excess bone and soft tissues.

    By altering the appearance of the chin and jawline, Dr. Law can soften and balance the lower section of the patient’s face.

    Tracheal Shave

    During puberty, males develop more thyroid cartilage than females do, which is why they tend to have a more prominent Adam’s Apple. Dr. Huay-Zong Law removes this excess thyroid cartilage to provide the patient with a smoother neckline. The tracheal shave is a simple procedure that leaves behind very little scarring. Furthermore, the results achieved with a thyroid cartilage reduction procedure are permanent.

    Personalized Facial Feminization Surgery in Dallas

    Each patient’s facial structure is unique, which is why a personalized approach to facial feminization is crucial to achieving the best results possible.

    How Dr. Law Creates His Patients’ Plans

    At the patient’s initial consultation, Dr. Law evaluates the individual’s facial characteristics. In addition, he asks what the patient wants to achieve with facial feminization surgery. Once the facial evaluation is complete and Dr. Law knows what the patient would like to accomplish, he can create the patient’s personalized FFS treatment plan.

    Who Is the Ideal Candidate for FFS?

    Good candidates for Dallas facial feminization surgery are individuals who believe that their features are too masculine. Additionally, FFS candidates should be nonsmokers or willing to quit smoking for at least twelve weeks before and after their surgery. Candidates should also be in good health and have reasonable expectations as to what Dr. Law can achieve with facial feminization procedures.

    Preparing for Facial Feminization Procedures in Dallas

    There are steps that patients must take before their FFS procedures to ensure that they receive the best possible results.

    Before facial feminization surgery, patients need to:

    • Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages for at least 48 hours before and after their procedures.
    • Discontinue using products that contain nicotine at least twelve weeks before and after their procedures.
    • Stop taking certain prescription medications for several days before surgery (e.g., blood thinners). Of course, patients must speak with their physician before discontinuing or reducing the dose of any prescription or recommended medications (e.g., aspirin).
    • Ask a trusted friend or family member to bring them to and take them home after their facial feminization surgery.
    • Fast the night before surgery.
    • Discontinue using products on their face and neck the night before surgery.
    • Remove nail polish from their fingers and toes.
    • Wear a button-up top with a comfortable pair of pants, shorts or skirt.
    • Remove jewelry.
    • Leave all their valuables at home.
    • Bring a photo ID to show the receptionist.

    Can Patients Hire a Driver After Surgery?

    After receiving anesthesia, patients are typically groggy, which can make them a target for individuals who have nefarious intentions. As such, Dr. Huay-Zong Law bans the use of hired transportation after a patient receives anesthesia. Therefore, patients receiving general anesthesia, twilight anesthesia or oral sedation must bring a driver with them on the day of their FFS procedures. Patients arriving without a driver must reschedule their procedure.

    What Happens During Facial Feminization Surgery?

    Many times, FFS patients have multiple procedures during the same surgical session.
    Since facial feminization surgery consists of a highly personalized group of procedures, the procedures patients receive determine what will happen during their FFS.

    How Long Is an FFS in Dallas?

    The length of time a patient spends in a Dallas facial feminization surgery depends on the number of procedures Dr. Law is performing.

    Recovering From a Dallas Facial Feminization Surgery

    The specifics of recovery correlate directly with the number and combination of facial feminization procedures a patient receives. Following surgery, Dr. Huay-Zong Law and his medical staff provide patients with customized information about what they can expect throughout recovery.

    Choose an Experienced Dallas Plastic Surgeon To Perform FFS

    Choosing an experienced plastic surgeon to perform facial feminization surgery is essential because a seasoned surgeon has the skill necessary to make subtle changes that harmonize the patient’s facial proportions and provide natural-looking results.

    When Will FFS Results Become Evident?

    Although some surgical results are more apparent than others, patients can expect to see results after their post-surgical inflammation subsides, which usually occurs several weeks after their FFS procedure. Furthermore, as the patient’s body heals, the results of facial feminization surgery continue to improve. About three months after FFS in Dallas, patients see vast improvement. The final results become evident approximately six months after surgery.

    After FFS, Does a Patient Have Scars?

    When an individual has surgery of any kind, scarring is always a possibility. However, Dr. Law’s skill, artistic vision and experience allow him to create incisions in areas where they will be well hidden. For example, patients who have forehead reduction surgery or a brow lift receive incisions within their hairline. A patient having a subnasal lip lift or an open rhinoplasty receives incisions beneath the nose, directly in between the nostrils. Furthermore, patients who have chin and jaw surgeries receive incisions underneath the chin or on the inside of their mouth.

    Potential Complications Following an FFS in Dallas

    Every surgical procedure carries some type of risk. Dr. Law discusses the potential risks with his facial feminization surgery patients before they have their procedures.

    The surgeries and procedures included in a patient’s personalized facial feminization treatment plan determine which complications the patient could experience. Since Dr. Huay-Zong Law is a highly experienced plastic surgeon, complications are rare. However, patients should still consider the possibility of a complication before they decide to move forward with any type of surgery or procedure.

    An overview of potential complications associated with FFS:

    • Nerve damage
    • Numbness
    • Tingling
    • Excessive bleeding
    • An infection
    • Disappointment

    Patients experiencing any of these complications should call Dr. Law’s office at (972) 331-1900 right away.

    How Much Will FFS Cost?

    To determine a patient’s procedure costs, Dr. Huay-Zong Law must perform an initial evaluation. Therefore, anyone interested in facial feminization surgery should contact Dr. Law’s office at (972) 331-1900 to schedule an initial consultation.

    Does Health Insurance Cover Facial Feminization Surgery?

    Typically, health insurance only covers surgeries and procedures that are medically necessary. Since most of the procedures in a patient’s FFS treatment plan are elective, the insurance company rejects these kinds of medical bills. That said, sometimes insurance covers certain rhinoplasty costs. For example, if the structure of the nose inhibits the patient’s ability to breathe, health insurance may cover a portion of the procedure.

    Each insurance company and plan may have specific inclusions, exclusions, and criteria. Some do cover surgeries for gender dysphoria. To minimize the risk of a surprise bill, medical records including notes, photos, and documentation from other doctors, may all need to be reviewed and approved by the insurance company to pre-authorize the surgical plan.

    If you are residing in or around Dallas, and are interested in having more feminine-looking facial features, Dr. Huay-Zong Law can help. Dr. Law is a skilled plastic surgeon in Dallas who has a caring demeanor and strives to provide his facial feminization surgery patients with the softer, more elegant facial characteristics they desire. Call Dr. Law’s Dallas office today at (972) 331-1900 to schedule an initial consultation. Law Plastic Surgery is located at 7777 Forest Lane, C-528, in Dallas.



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