Facial Fracture and Lacerations Before & After Photos

Facial Fracture and Lacerations Before & After Case 1

A facial fracture can be a devastating injury that can affect all ages.

This patient had a fracture of the cheek bone and floor of the orbit supporting the eye.

Fortunately, we were able to restore her anatomy to its normal position. Thin, titanium plates and screws were used to fixate the repair.

Use of cosmetic surgery techniques helped to avoid potential problems like unsightly scarring or eyelid asymmetry.

Facial Fracture and Lacerations Before & After Case 2

Plastic Surgery Repairs – what’s in the secret sauce?
1) Understanding the anatomy. The skin is the tip of the iceberg. Layers of connective tissue, multiple muscles, and the skin were repaired here, with dozens of hidden stitches used to restore the normal anatomy.
2) Meticulous repair. Differences of just 1mm are noticeable at conversational distance, especially in areas like the lip. High standards are important. Stitches must sometimes be removed and done again to get it right.
3) Careful handling of tissues. Crushing the tissue causes unnecessary trauma that can slow healing.
4) Wound and scar care. This can include cleaning, hydration, sun protection, taping/silicone, splints, creams, lasers, and more.
These photos are taken at 4 weeks after her injury.