Ear Molding Before & After Photos

Ear Molding Before & After Case 1

Ear molding is a way to gently reshape an infant’s ears while the cartilage is pliable.

Normally, the upper ear has a superior and inferior crus that come together to form the antihelix.

In this case, you see
a third crus, which is also known as a Stahl’s crus or Stahl’s ear deformity.

If left untreated, the ear will remain in this shape, and may worsen over time as the peak grows further outwards.

Ear molding is the treatment of choice if identified in the first few weeks of life. A course of ear molding is typically 2-6 weeks, depending on the child’s age and anatomy.

This is an in-office procedure, though I am also available at some hospitals in the DFW area to begin treatment while still in the hospital.

Please call my office at 972-331-1900 to schedule a consultation. Insurance usually does cover this treatment, though individual plans may differ.

Ear Molding Before & After Case 2

Ear Molding Before & After Case 3