Craniofacial Reconstruction Before & After Photos

Craniofacial Reconstruction Before & After Case 1

Manuel came to us with an unrepaired anterior encephalocele. The lining around the brain, and brain tissue itself, extended through the nasal bones to rest outside of the skull.

With a thin layer of skin and soft tissue over the brain, he was at high risk of trauma, infection, visual obstruction, and psychosocial harm.

Through the generous support and guidance of LEAP, Dr. Craig Hobar, and the Cheryl Lamon Memorial Fund, we were able to bring him to the United States and Medical City Dallas to perform the repair.

Dr. David Sacco performed the critical neurosurgical repair, removing nonfunctional brain tissue, and repairing the dura.

With Dr. Evan Beale, we used a pericranial flap, split calvarial bone grafts, orbital bone medialization, canthopexies, and skin tailoring, to provide further bone and soft tissue reconstruction.

He spent a few days in the hospital under close watch. He is seen at 7 weeks here, happy and thriving!