Breast Revision Before & After Photos

Breast Revision Before & After Case 1

The dreaded double bubble.

This young woman had a breast implant that “bottomed out”, falling below her native inframammary fold.

The original surgeon attempted a capsule repair, but unfortunately she ended up in the same position after just a few weeks.

I offered a second opinion, to use GalaFLEX (@galateasurgical) to support the implant and capsule repair.

GalaFLEX is made of a resorbable polymer — like many sutures we use — except it comes as a mesh sling that does a nice job of matching the curve of the inframammary fold.

It also offers a nice combination of long-lasting strength, pliability, and biocompatibility.

She is seen here at 5 weeks and counting, fully satisfied with her contour and new comfort in and out of clothes.