Asian Rhinoplasty Before & After Photos

Asian Rhinoplasty Before & After Case 1

Septorhinoplasty is an effective way to improve breathing for somebody with a deviated septum and/or collapse of the internal nasal valve.

A good test for the internal nasal valve is to gently pull towards the side the skin of the nose, or try a nasal breathing strip. If breathing noticeably improves, then use of spreader grafts and tensioning of the cartilage in the area is likely to help.

A deviated septum is often visible by feel or touch, but occasionally a CT scan is helpful for the deeper parts of the septum that are not as easily seen.

Here, a small dorsal hump and drooping tip were also improved during the same procedure.

He is seen here at 1 month. Swelling will continue to improve over 9-12 months.