Asian Eyelid Surgery Before & After Photos

Asian Eyelid Surgery Before & After Case 1

Asian eyelid surgery is a procedure to help highlight the natural beauty of one’s eyes.

More commonly seen in Asians are eyelid anatomic features that can make one appear more tired. The skin can be thicker and heavier, resting on the eyelashes. The fat in the eyelid may sit lower and be heavier. The connections between the skin and the deeper muscle (that produce the eyelid crease) may be weak or absent.

This woman is seen 3 weeks after her procedure done in our office. This was performed with an open technique, which tends to be more precise and long-lasting in my hands.

Extreme care is taken in marking and remarking with the patient awake. Partway through the procedure we are able to sit up the patient, and be sure the shape and symmetry is satisfactory, before completing the closure.

She loves her result, and we do, too!